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Computers : Hardware

  • AudioScience, Inc - AudioScience Inc. designs and manufactures advanced DSP based digital audio peripherals for the OEM, broadcast, installed sound, and entertainment markets. We support industry standards such as PCI Express, MPEG audio compression, CobraNet™, Livewire™, Dante™ and AVnu AVB audio networking, and Windows and Linux operating systems. New (Added: 12-Apr-2021 Hits: 438)

Engineering : Equipment

  • Inovonics, Inc. - Audio Processing, RDS Encoders, Signal Monitoring for AM, FM, HD Radio, DAB+, RDS, Internet Radio. Better Radio Since 1972. New (Added: 12-Apr-2021 Hits: 425)
  • Davicom Remote Site Management Systems - Your Remote Site Management Solution for Alarms, Monitoring & Automation Davicom’s new generation of intelligent site management systems is designed to meet the most stringent requirements of the broadcast and wireless telecommunications industries. These best-in-class, stand-alone monitoring and control units interface easily with virtually any type of remote site equipment and sensors, thereby ensuring maximum flexibility and expandability. New (Added: 12-Apr-2021 Hits: 51)

Production : Voice Overs

  • Matt K Baker, Big Bald VO - The voice of the Discovery Channel networks for 19 years and counting, plus promos and imaging for scores of stations on the cable box and radio dial. Bring that Big Bald sound to your station! New (Added: 12-Apr-2021 Hits: 1153)
  • Vocalpoint Studios (Bruce McDonald) - I am now in my 36th year as a professional voice artist. With over 5,200 sessions to my credit and 15 years of major market broadcast experience, I am heard worldwide on TV, radio and many other forms of digital media. While I am a frequent first call for e-Learning, I have a versatility that clients consistently look for in a wide variety of projects: Commercial (TV, Radio and Online) Narrative (e-Learning / Multimedia) Identity Branding (TV, Radio and Online) On-Hold Messaging Services (IVR) Audio/Visual Training Demos and Kiosks Audio/Visual Presentations Radio Station Voice Tracking If you have a project - I can help you bring it to life. Let's work together today! New (Added: 12-Apr-2021 Hits: 327)
  • Lauren Lee Voiceovers - ...a sexy persuader...a compelling narrator...an authoritative guide. 27 years' international voiceover experience -- broadcast, film, documentary and corporate. Toronto GTA based. Pro studio, fast delivery. New (Added: 12-Apr-2021 Hits: 463)
  • Affordable Non union voiceovers and Ethnic voice talent with 100+ Languages - We manage 500 Affordable Professional voice talents for voice overs in 100+ Languages for Ethnic localization of commercials for TV and Radio plus Corporate Narration, Documentaries, TV Radio station imaging, voice talent for sweepers liners promos and IDs plus voice overs for E-Learning, online video explainers and on hold IVR messages. New (Added: 12-Apr-2021 Hits: 1067)
  • Jim Harrington - A quality, professional broadcast veteran who has worked at stations such as WCBS-FM, KDKA and WBZ and voiced national commercials for companies such as Sears and Travelers Insurance. New (Added: 12-Apr-2021 Hits: 4)


  • Research Director, Inc. - Research Director, Inc. has been helping our clients win in the ratings since 1991. We have a powerful set of tools to help programmers understand their audience and their opportunities for ratings growth. New (Added: 12-Apr-2021 Hits: 950)


  • Relaunch Radio - Turnkey B2B leadgen websites and fully-managed online marketing platform for local radio groups. New (Added: 12-Apr-2021 Hits: 10)

Software : Traffic

  • Allegiance Radio Traffic & Corporate Support - Allegiance Group offers a complete traffic and billing system. This package allows you to create program grids years into the future, thus allowing you to make alterations to individual or multiple dates, as you might do for holiday programming, press conferences, etc. In addition, you may schedule all spots on a client's contract at the time you enter the contract, providing you (and your client) with concrete information on the day of the week, date, time, program and daypart of each spot you schedule. Additionally, this approach eliminates ""reconciliation reports"" (lists of spots that were accepted by the system at the time the contract was entered, but which were not placed into the final log after all) and ensures that your spot availabilities reports are based on what's truly currently scheduled. Advanced client management and production-routing features provide your staff with the tools to truly match your station's workflow. New (Added: 12-Apr-2021 Hits: 1760)

Stations : Internet Only

  • WLOY Loyola Radio - WLOY Loyola Radio is a multiple award winning university station streaming 24/7/365. Genres include indie rock, blues, folk, reggae, hip hop and more. Playlists on Twitter @WLOYisPlaying New (Added: 12-Apr-2021 Hits: 8)

Stations : Outside USA

Stations : Streaming on the Internet

  • Splash-fm - Splash-fm plays the Best Variety of the 80s and More... It's the perfect choice for At-Work listening - no matter where or when you work. New (Added: 12-Apr-2021 Hits: 7)


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