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Engineering : Equipment

  • Angry Audio - Problems disappear when you get angry. Welcome to Angry Audio. We specialize in problem-solving products for radio broadcasting studios. Every device is meticulously engineered to deliver pristine-perfect performance for years. Every feature has been thoughtfully created to give you exactly the right tools for the job at hand. Meet the family. New (Added: 2-Apr-2021 Hits: 3)
  • Broadcast Signal Lab - Assisting broadcasters and others with radio frequency regulatory compliance and service optimization since 1982. New (Added: 2-Apr-2021 Hits: 3)
  • Lawo - Lawo designs and manufactures video, audio, control and monitoring technology for broadcast, performing arts, installed sound and corporate applications. All products are developed in Germany and manufactured according to highest quality standards at the companyís headquarters in the Rhine valley town of Rastatt, Germany. New (Added: 2-Apr-2021 Hits: 2)
  • Paravel Systems - While working with Salem Communications, Paravel Systems co-founders Fred Gleason and Scott Spillers were tasked with finding a radio automation system that would be suitable for use with all of Salem's diverse formats. They were looking for a cost effective system that would provide all of the required functionality along with the stability needed for mission-critical operations. Some of the products available handled some of their formats well, but none were flexible enough to handle all formats with precision without extraordinary operator involvement. Particularly problematic were the content acquisition demands of Salem's long-form formats. Virtually all of the available systems ran on a Windows platform, which was subject to viruses and did not provide the needed stability. It soon became apparent that none of the products available at the time provided all of the functionality needed to adequately serve this need. Together, Fred and Scott have pooled their years of experience and unique backgrounds to help create an entirely new type of audio delivery system - Rivendell Radio Automation. Rivendell went through extensive on-air testing during its development. It's first on-air deployment was in November of 2004. Since then, Rivendell has been deployed and placed on-air at hundreds of radio facilities around the world. It has proven through rigorous real world testing to be one of the most user friendly and robust audio delivery systems available today. With popular products like Rivendell, the WallTime NTP Clock and Notification System and iRoute Selector Monitor for Axia Livewire, Paravel Systems has grown to become the leading provider of open source tools and innovative hardware solutions for the broadcast industry. New (Added: 2-Apr-2021 Hits: 3)
  • Phasetek Inc. - Headquartered in Quakertown, PA, Phasetek is a leading manufacturer of custom phasing and branching equipment, antenna tuning units, multiplexers, and associated RF components for the AM (medium wave) broadcast band. In addition to our standard products, custom items can be fabricated to the customerís specifications. New (Added: 2-Apr-2021 Hits: 2)
  • ProAudio - Founded in 1971 as Crouse-Kimzey Company, ProAudio.com is a Fort Worth, Texas based distributor and reseller for more than 400 professional audio, video, lighting and broadcast equipment lines. We are the supplier of choice for businesses large and small, individuals, churches, schools and contractors, in all 50 U.S. states and internationally. New (Added: 2-Apr-2021 Hits: 3)
  • GatesAir - GatesAir architects market-leading solutions for over-the-air broadcasting and public safety communications, leveraging the best use of wireless spectrum to maximize performance for multichannel, mission-critical services. In over-the-air analog and digital broadcasting, GatesAir empowers radio/TV stations and networks worldwide with the industry's most operationally efficient transmitters. The company continues to innovate new design efficiencies with each product generation that reduce size, energy use and more to establish the industry's lowest total cost of ownership. GatesAir's forward-looking philosophy extends to innovations in media transport, where both broadcasters and public safety/emergency response teams utilize our solutions to reliably move voice, data, audio and video between locations using traditional and emerging connections, from RF to IP. New (Added: 2-Apr-2021 Hits: 3)
  • RAM Systems - For over 55 years, RAM Systems has specialized in the design and integration of studios for many of radio's major networks, group stations, and news organizations. RAM is the senior leader in design and integration in the radio business today and continues to be the leader in modern design and functionality for the future. New (Added: 2-Apr-2021 Hits: 2)
  • Studio Items, Inc. - Mic booms, on-air lights, speaker mounts, and more. New (Added: 2-Apr-2021 Hits: 2)
  • Titus Technological Laboratories - Creating and producing quality electronic equipment for television, radio, satellite, government, telecommunications, and cable broadcast industries throughout the world. New (Added: 2-Apr-2021 Hits: 3)
  • World Wide Antenna Systems - In every way imaginable, the difference is clear. Sound, stability and size. Frequency, range and efficiency. Flexible installation options and limited fall zone. Wide range of customization. In the last century, nearly every piece of radio broadcasting equipment has been reinvented, reconfigured, or eliminated, except for the antenna. This means that AM sound has remained, well, less than exceptional. Until now. World Wide Antenna Systems has reinvented the antenna with the introduction of the High-Efficiency Broadband Antenna (HEBA). THE HEBA. The rise of the new antenna. New (Added: 2-Apr-2021 Hits: 3)

Engineering : Services

  • Owl Engineering & EMC Test Labs, Inc. - Owl Engineering is a Communications Consulting Engineering Firm specializing in Radio Licensing, Intermodulation Studies, Radio Coverage Predictions, Radio Field Measurements, Antenna Tower Engineering, and EMC Test Facility. Owl Engineering is headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota and was founded in 1981. Owl Engineering's many clients include the Radio and Television industry as well as government and private companies. New (Added: 2-Apr-2021 Hits: 4)


  • This Week in Radio Tech - A weekly podcast for broadcast engineering professionals. New (Added: 2-Apr-2021 Hits: 2)


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