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  • SecondHandSonfs - The SecondHandSongs Radio show is a weekly one hour show all about cover versions. We play all manner of covers, from those which are hits in their own right to hidden gems, foreign language covers, songs you didn't realise were covers and more. We focus in on one or two songs a week and bring you the story of the song, as well as creating a new "Cover Chain" each week, where we try to link 3 different cover versions together. It's a pre-recorded show and is delivered weekly via WeTransfer in high quality MP3 format in 3 segments of approx 55 minutes in total, to allow for local content or advertising. There will be a 4th segment which is a bonus track if you need a full hour of programming. The show is in partnership with SecondHandSongs.com, and as such there will be weekly mentions of the site and listeners will be urged to visit the site for additional background information on songs. There is no other branding included within the show, and no other sponsors or advertisers. Check out Episode 1 on MixCloud to get a feel of the show: https://www.mixcloud.com/SecondHandSongs/secondhandsongs-1/ For more details, or to sign up to receive the show for your station, head to www.bearcavestudios.co.uk/shs or email secondhandsongs@bearcavestudios.co.uk. New (Added: 4-Jun-2021 Hits: 2)


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