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  • Aflalo Communications Inc. - We are your marketing experts. Specializing in radio Internationally, we've conceived marketing campaigns for over 700 different stations and markets. (Added: 17-Jul-2002 Hits: 2341)
  • Creative Animal - Creative Animal International is a critically acclaimed resource for broadcast marketing and mayhem...an alliance of artists, writers, and dreamers under the direction of Doug Harris, the creator of hundreds of innovative, clutter-busting promotional campaigns for a wide variety of clients. As a consultant, trainer, idea generator and all-purpose Creative Animal, Doug Harris enjoys a position among broadcast marketing's elite, with an eye and an ear for what it takes to bring consumers to the point of action and an undeniable flair for making his clients' messages come to life. Creative Animal World Headquarters 2211 Norfolk/Suite 775 Houston, Texas 77098 (713) 522-4273 Fax (713) 526-4805 (Added: 7-Dec-2000 Hits: 2459)
  • E-Z UP International Inc. - Instant shelter for remote broadcast remotes, steel frame sets up in 60 seconds on any surface, customize with station logo (Added: 10-Jan-1999 Hits: 2555)
  • FINANCIAL FEST tm - generate long term billing and NTR, Financial Fest is a one day confrence and expo your clients and listners will love! produced for radio stations by radio people.Nationally regarded in the Investment community as the best one day money show. (Added: 10-Jul-1999 Hits: 2401)
  • Grace Broadcast Sales - Short (:30- and :60-second) features for holidays and special events, easy to sell, ready to air. (Added: 14-Sep-2001 Hits: 2108)
  • Kate Smith Promotions - Kate Smith Promotions specializes in Radio Promotion for Jazz, World and AAA Artists. (Added: 23-Feb-2009 Hits: 1014)
  • MetaRadio - Now Playing Data for Radio Stations - MetaRadio is easy to use software that manages Now Playing song metadata for your radio station. Send your metadata anywhere! With MetaRadio, you can take the live now-playing data from your radio playout/automation systems, and send it to WordPress, RDS RadioText+ Encoders, DAB, DAB+, HD Radio, Streaming Servers, Generic HTTP GET/POST Endpoints, Mobile Apps, and more! (Added: 14-Nov-2023 Hits: 22)
  • Research Director, Inc. - Research Director, Inc. has been helping our clients win in the ratings since 1991. We have a powerful set of tools to help programmers understand their audience and their opportunities for ratings growth. (Added: 12-Apr-2021 Hits: 1090)
  • The Featured Artist Radio Promotion - The Featured Artist Radio Promotion Is a 'Nine Week' Guaranteed; Radio Airplay, Magazine & Social Media Campaign (Added: 7-Feb-2018 Hits: 236)

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