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  • Auto-Mate Systems Broadcast Automation - Do you want to control your radio station instead of it controlling you? Auto-Mate is a great solution for the small market and LPFM broadcaster! Auto-Mate Systems was founded in 1994 by a small-market independent broadcaster. Evolved from our revolutionary DOS-Based software, Auto-Mate Broadcast Automation for Windows may be just what you're looking for! The ease of use, great features, and lowest price available for a professional system put The Auto-Mate in a class by itself. The fully working trial download is now available! Try it out today!!! Popular (Added: 17-Feb-2001 Hits: 5519)
  • Broadcast Science - Development of radio automation systems and engineering services to the broadcast industry. Popular (Added: 5-Jun-1999 Hits: 4583)
  • BTSG Software - Since 1991, BTSG has offered quality Radio and TV automation and cart replacement software at great prices. Our Automax Generation IV is one of the most powerful systems available today, with features only found in high end products. We serve small, meduim and large markets across the nation with quality products and unrivaled support Popular (Added: 29-Aug-2004 Hits: 4607)
  • DiNeSat4.5? by Hardata? - We are sure that DiNeSat 4.5 will provide nothing but satisfaction and it will become your unique partner simply because it supplies your entire broadcast needs. DiNeSat 4.5 is designed to easily adapt to different operative scenarios; from a simple mono-user terminal or the administration of many networks to the whole control of satellite networks or the typical set up of a speaker in the studio and operator behind the window-glass or the speaker-operator behind the classic structure of AM news programs with journalists, producers, moviles and operators. It is possible to control one or many broadcasts automatically and one in manual mode in the PC. It is possible to record at the same time that it is on-air and it is also possible to operate a satellite network with the powerful SNc telecomand, included in the NET model of the DiNeSat 4.5 series.DiNeSat 4.5 comes in three versions: XP (allows the control of only one broadcast), PRO (allows to control up to two broadcasts and the satellite signal), NET (allows to control three or more broadcasts and the satellite in or out signal). DiNeSat 4.5 includes telephonic modules that will allow you to do your broadcast ranking, and to receive messages interacting automatically with the audience. With the Traffic XPress you will be able to generate the commercial cuts very easily and to have the on-air list automatically. We have incorporated the Logger to our system, which will allow you to make a logging tape of what was broadcasted, with the quality you want. Popular (Added: 19-Sep-2000 Hits: 5971)
  • DRS 2006 - The professional digital audio system - DRS 2006 is not only a simple MP3-player like many others on the Internet. The DRS 2006 Software Package is a complete digital audio system that handles your MP3-Files. Several radio DJ's were involved in the development of DRS 2006. But DRS 2006 was not only made for radio stations. It is also useful for dance clubs, events and partys. Even users at home can enjoy this software. All this at a very affordable price. Popular (Added: 24-Apr-1999 Hits: 4385)
  • ENCO Systems: DADpro32 Digital Audio Delivery - Powerful professional audio management for both Live-Assist and Automation, Production, and Inventory Management. Utilizes Windows NT or Windows 98 operating systems. Inherent global WAN for groupwide interconnectivity and file sharing. Solutions for other broadcast needs including Satellite Integration, Integrated News Support, and on-board multi-channel Audio Production. Popular (Added: 10-Aug-1999 Hits: 4096)
  • EZ Automation - Music on hard drive, satellite automation, etc. Popular (Added: 17-Feb-2001 Hits: 4557)
  • On Air Digital - Linux and Windows based radio automation systems. Full WAV, MPEG layer 2 & 3 compatibility works with off the shelf Windows based editors and rippers Popular (Added: 29-Mar-2002 Hits: 4809)
  • Pristine Systems - Manufacturer of Pristine Systems' RapidFire Digital Studio System, a completely intergrated digital on-air solution for competive radio stations. Popular (Added: 30-Dec-1998 Hits: 3909)
  • WireReady - Automation for programming and news room Popular (Added: 16-Aug-1999 Hits: 3541)
  • Arrakis Systems - Automation, AoIP, Consoles, Furniture, Internet Radio (Added: 22-Apr-2017 Hits: 235)
  • AudioEnhance - Radio Automation Software - Advanced mp3 Dj playout software for broadcasting, webcasting or home djing. Arrange, Archive and play mp3, wav, wma and all popular file formats. Create playlists, do backtiming for radio like LPFM, RSL, Hospital Radio. Automated or live assist mode. Variable Speed playback. Set Segue points for each cut. (Added: 2-Jan-2002 Hits: 2011)
  • Broadcast MatriX - TurnKey Media Systems - World-renowned Windows-based digital audio systems that bring it all together - hardware and software, plus the other components for a complete system, from traffic & billing to music scheduling (Added: 5-Dec-2003 Hits: 1392)
  • Direct to Internet Broadcast Solutions for the Mac - Create, automate and stream radio with ads and demographics. Backbone provides a Macintosh based radio studio with local or remote transmitter software and services to broadcast your content. (Added: 15-Jan-2006 Hits: 1041)
  • HD/SD TV Broadcast Automation Playout System - Jusoft HQP-1000 Series system provides all in one turnkey solution for TV broadcast automation playout. Single playout server provides 7/24/365 automated playout, CG overlay, Crawl, Ingest , Bio-Language, Multi-Audio tracks, Live-In signal / AD insert seamlessly, standalone video database management features. Each Playout server has highly reliable protection, it consists with redundant power and redundant hard drive with bad sector warning, and we guarantee playout service keeps working normally when hot swapping hard driver. Redundant set consists with 2 Playout servers, it provides more reliability for playout system. Central on-shelf video library database server supports multi-channel playout servers for managing on-shelf video clips, this on-shelf video storage server can easily connect with third party’s MAM archive system. (Added: 31-Jan-2013 Hits: 614)
  • Logjay - Bulding your digital logger is now easier than ever: Logjay turns your PC into a powerful 24 hours a day logging machine. Wide audio codec choice: from 2MB for 1 hour/minimum quality to full CD quality. Logjay tracks the available disk space and automatically deletes older files. More players on LAN can instantly play the logged audio without having to stop recording and without any added cost. Logjay: the definitive and cost-effective choice for broadcasters and emergency services! (Added: 4-Jun-2002 Hits: 1013)
  • MB STUDIO - Low cost, easy interface, play WAV MP2/3 AND WMA audio files, support for external sources and bits; localized in italian, french and english, demo version on line (Added: 2-Apr-2001 Hits: 1958)
  • MediaTouch - Digital automation system (Added: 12-Oct-2001 Hits: 3252)
  • Netia - Automation software (Added: 12-Oct-2001 Hits: 3082)
  • On Air Suite - On Air suite offers radiostations a full sollution for the automation of any kind of broadcast, ranging from fully automated to live-assist and any combination of these. The integration of the player, planner, library, carts and RDS in one suite ensures a flexible and userfriendly environment. On Air Suite fully supports working with editions and multiple stations. (Added: 13-Dec-2004 Hits: 1576)
  • OpenBroadcaster - OpenBroadcaster releases open source software to provide Livewire\RTP support with Axia Audio over IP (AoIP) consoles. This exciting added functionality presents the opportunity to easily field, deploy and integrate standalone OBPlayer into the AoIP broadcast chain with CAP EAS emergency alerts. This innovation builds on the suite of web-enabled general software and automation appliances with online media libraries, community play lists, multi-station scheduling and streaming. OBPlayer sends a multicast RTP stream that appears as a channel on Axia AoIP consoles. The outgoing digital stream from the console station is ingested into our systems, sent to an Icecast server where a BARIX unit at the transmitter site plays out on radio. This means the stream is 100% digital from OBPlayer to console, up through STL (Studio Transmitter Link) to the Barix exstreamer at the transmitter site. (Added: 25-Jan-2018 Hits: 211)
  • OTSJuke - OtsJuke DJ is the only program that will allow you to play your CDs and MP3s without gaps between the songs. OtsJuke analyzes the way that a song starts and ends and works out an appropriate mix. It does not simply overlap the songs by a set number of seconds like some other programs do as they crudely attempt to mix! With OtsJuke, you get perfect mixes, everytime! (Added: 15-Jan-2001 Hits: 1604)
  • PCM_Gold - Integrated Broadcast Systems - Complete radio automation system from: production, database Manager, scheduling to On-Air and stings. All in one easy to use package, fully automated and announcer assist operation. Also includes website updating of what is currently playing on air and more. Can also be configured for both local and remote network operation for commercial inserts. (Added: 11-Sep-2007 Hits: 946)
  • PULSAR MULTIM?DIA RADIO AUTOMATION SOFTWARE - Complete radio automation software. WORTH A VIEW! Innovative LIVE (on air) module, satellite operated, including the modules: music scheduler, traffic, billing, sweepers, backup, LIVE, with many unique features for single stations or radio networks (Added: 10-Jan-2005 Hits: 1325)
  • Radio 5 Technology in Broadcast Automation - Radio 5 Me is part of the XXI Century Technological revolution , 10 stereo audio outs which are simoultaneous with any economical audio cards or with professional audio cards. Its compatible with any audio formats (Added: 26-Aug-2001 Hits: 1038)
  • Rivendell Open Source Radio Automation - Rivendell is a complete radio broadcast automation solution, with facilities for the acquisition, management, scheduling and playout of audio content. It has all of the features one would expect in a modern, fully-fledged radio automation system, including support for both PCM and MPEG audio encoding, full voicetracking and log customization as well as support for a wide variety of third party software and hardware. As a robust, functionally complete digital audio system for broadcast radio applications, Rivendell uses industry standard components like the GNU/Linux Operating System , the AudioScience HPI Driver Architecture and the MySQL Database Engine. Rivendell is available under the GNU Public License version 2 . (Added: 19-Apr-2023 Hits: 66)
  • Smarts Broadcast Systems - Smartcaster hard drive systems, Windows, NT, Linux, full Internet distribution, Ideal for live & satellite applications (Added: 29-Mar-2002 Hits: 1534)
  • Soluciones Radix, S.A. de C.V. - Software for the radio industry, including automation, music sheduling, spot management and audio log. (Added: 2-Jan-2006 Hits: 3287)
  • StationPlaylist Creator - A professional music and spot scheduler for radio and internet broadcasting. Fully compatible with StationPlaylist Studio and most other automation software. Playlists are based on hourly rotations of music categories and spots which may be scheduled for any hour of any day. Other features include: # Song, artist, and title repeat protection. Prevents the same song, or songs by the same artist from repeating within a specified interval. # Generate a personalized interactive HTML playlist for staff or listeners to view upcoming playlists. # No maintenance of song details required. This is a big time saver when adding new tracks. # A sophisticated Playlist Editor to view, edit and print the generated playlist, including search, replace, insert and delete features. Drag and drop supported. # Voice tracking. Record and insert voice tracks in the playlist. This helps your station sound live during automation. # Automatic song intros/outros. Pre-recorded song introductions can be included along with selected songs. This can help your station sound live without voice tracking. # Generate Track Summaries for royalty reporting, and Spot Summaries for advertisement billing. # Integrates with 3rd party traffic/billing software. (Added: 9-Jan-2007 Hits: 1294)
  • The TuneTracker System - Feature-rich, super-stable system incorporating automation, music selection, scheduled background recording, and Internet streaming, all for $149.95 (Added: 12-Oct-2002 Hits: 1329)
  • Unattended Weather - Voiced weather 24/7. Great for unattended shifts (satellite and/or voice tracked). Affordable. Sounds great. Your voices or ours. Includes severe weather warnings. (Added: 31-Jul-2008 Hits: 730)
  • Winjay - The all-singing, all dancing broadcasting automation software! Rock-stable mp3 engine, track-by-track crossfading, multiple overlaps, off-the-air cueing. Live-assist and full automation, random song scheduling, commercial scheduler with commercial splitting, jingle palettes, smart Opener feature, SMS receiver multilingual support, satellite/trigger automation, virtual-speaker, saytime on music bed LAN support. The system of choice for broadcasters, webcasters, DJs, mobile services. (Added: 4-Jun-2002 Hits: 1318)

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