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  • Academy of Radio & TV Broadcasting - The Academy can train you for numerous positions in the entertainment industry. Including, radio personality, newscaster, voice over artist, audio production, disc-jockey, reporter, copywriter, acting, movies, theater, television, commercials, industrial films, camera operator, studio technician, control room operator, lighting, video editor, and the list goes on and on....... (Added: 7-Mar-1999 Hits: 2247)
  • Brown College for Broadcasting - Are you looking for a radio broadcasting school that can help launch your career? Contact Brown College to learn more about our degree programs. (Added: 1-Jun-2009 Hits: 1430)
  • Columbia College - Hollywood - Columbia College - Hollywood is a four year, accredited college offering bachelors' degrees in Television Production and Cinema Production. The college has been teaching in Los Angeles, CA since 1952. In 1999, our graduates' films won the Grand Prize at Sundance, and prizes at the NY Experimental Film Festival, the LA Film Forum, and the Flagstaff Film Festival. We educate quality film makers, ready to take positions in LA, NY, and production facilities in other markets. We have all normal financial aid programs , and accept transfer credits from junior colleges. We accept students beginning in each of four quarters per year. (Added: 6-Nov-1999 Hits: 2407)
  • Columbia School of Broadcasting - We teach the skills needed to succeed in today's exciting world of broadcasting. Whether you live near our school or far away, our professional radio and television instructors can teach you the announcing techniques needed to succeed in this business. All over the world, our graduates work as: DISC JOCKEYS, NEWSCASTERS, ON-THE-SPOT REPORTERS, SPORTSCASTERS, TRAFFIC AND WEATHER REPORTERS, VOICE-OVER ANNOUNCERS, AND TALK RADIO HOSTS. (Added: 7-Mar-1999 Hits: 2574)
  • Cursos De Voz y Locución Online - Cursos dirigidos a personas que deseen mejorar y educar su voz. Con fines radiales, comerciales, laborales, vencer la timidez, subir la autoestima, o hablar mejor. Acceso a todo el mundo sin importar país de residencia. Mejora tus relaciones personales y cotidianas. Descubre como mejorar tu voz y producir audios de calidad. Disponible en todo el mundo. Locución - producción - español neutro - oratoria - consultoría y más... (Added: 24-Oct-2022 Hits: 90)
  • Get A Mentor - Train in Real Radio and TV stations, film production companies or recording studios - taught by working professionals. Mentor training made possible by a worldwide group of professionals in the various fields. Train full-time or part time. (Added: 23-Mar-2001 Hits: 1622)
  • Great Lakes School of Broadcasting, Inc. - Receive custom instruction via the internet, after two classes you can intern at an actual radio or TV station. No grades, no pressure. Hands-on opportunity. (Added: 28-Sep-1999 Hits: 1556)
  • New Zealand Radio Training School - The New Zealand Radio Training School (incorporating the New Zealand Journalism School). Located in Tawa, Wellington. (Added: 14-May-1999 Hits: 1530)
  • Northland Community and Technical College - Offers 1 year diploma in Radio Broadcsitng or 2 year AAS Degree in Media Comm. Training Broadcasters since 1968. School has it's own 24,000 watt FM station. (Added: 11-Apr-2000 Hits: 1510)
  • On-The-Job Training in Radio-TV, Film and Recording. - Mentor training in virtually every major city in the U.S. and Canada in real radio-tv stations, film production companies and recording studios. Applicants are trained in the real-world of actual broadcast facilities, film companies and in recording studios arranged by former industry professionals. (Added: 22-Sep-2000 Hits: 1644)
  • Online courses and FREE newsletter in personal development - Self improvement through FREE newsletter and daily personal email coaching. Online courses and training programs for personal motivation and success and to reduce stress and anxiety. www higherawareness com (Added: 13-Sep-2000 Hits: 1450)
  • Radio Connection - On-the-job radio broadcasting training. No experience required. (Added: 8-Mar-2000 Hits: 1899)
  • Radio Job Training - Call toll free and find Radio Schools in your area! Learn how graduate Howard Parker achieved success in the radio station industry, from intern at a radio station to being one of the world's leading voiceover talents! (Added: 16-May-2006 Hits: 1410)
  • Specs Howard School of Broadcasting Arts - The Specs Howard School, based in Southfield, is one of the nation's leading private communications schools, offering undergraduate courses of study in Radio and Television Broadcasting. The school is accredited by the Accrediting Commission For Career Schools and Colleges of Technology (ACCSCT). (Added: 7-Mar-1999 Hits: 1547)
  • VOCareer.com - VOCareer.com is a marketing,training and business services company exlusively for voice talent. Learn how to start a career in voiceovers at your own pace, budget, and schedule! Go to www.vocareer.com for a Free No Obligation Evaluation. (Added: 14-Sep-2009 Hits: 905)
  • Voice Coaches - Voice Over Training with Voice Coaches is one-on-one, individualized, and all-inclusive. Our programs provide specialized voice evaluation, industry preparation, network quality demo development, and effective self-marketing training coupled with personalized, long-term support. (Added: 16-Jan-2009 Hits: 729)
  • Voice Over Training By Voice Coaches - Voice Over Training with Voice Coaches is one-on-one, individualized, and all-inclusive. Our programs provide specialized voice evaluation, industry preparation, network quality demo development, and effective self-marketing training coupled with personalized, long-term support. (Added: 23-Feb-2009 Hits: 1136)
  • Voice Over Training by Voice Coaches - Voice over training from industry leading voice over and voice acting professionals at Creative Voice Development Group. (Added: 23-Mar-2007 Hits: 930)
  • Youth Radio - A broadcast journalism training program for teenagers - particularly for young women, people of color, and youth from low-income families (Added: 7-Mar-1999 Hits: 1303)

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