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  • MJI Broadcasting, Inc - MJI Broadcasting is a leading supplier of syndicated programming to radio. Recognized for its music and entertainment programming, web site content, live events and remote broadcasts, MJI reaches over 15 million listeners on almost 2,000 stations daily. Popular (Added: 5-Aug-1999 Hits: 3524)
  • Blue Revolution Syndicated Radio Shows - Blue Revolution is the UK's premier radio syndication company. It has won numerous awards for it's quality radio programming strands. (Added: 15-Mar-2013 Hits: 1025)
  • ClassX Radio Network - Everywhere we go radio listeners have tuned out because of the lack of variety. ClassX has the solution. Offering our Classic Hits from the 60's, 70's, 80's and 90's, but with a focus on the 70's. ClassX includes researched songs that are proven hits and many album cuts that the Baby Boomers grew up with but never hear anymore. Our Classic Rock version, ClassXR, also available. (Added: 9-Jan-2006 Hits: 2232)
  • Derrick Hayes - Derrick Hayes is a unique radio guest. He uses his gift of taking peoples names and turning them into positive messaages while he is live on the air. (Added: 30-May-2003 Hits: 2269)
  • Movie Ticket Radio - Movie Ticket Radio(TM). "It's the MUSIC...from the MOVIES...on the RADIO(TM)" Unique and professionally produced. Available for terrestrial broadcast stations. (Added: 13-Aug-2009 Hits: 1352)
  • National Aircheck - Custom Taping - Any Radio or TV Station, Anywhere, Anytime; Monthly Subscription Services For Radio Scoped or Unscoped Tape; Hear Virtually Every Radio Station in the Top 40 Markets; Archives of 1000+ Morning Shows; Verification and Tape Scanning Services; Local Talk Show Archives (Added: 16-Jan-1999 Hits: 2534)
  • On Air With Brian Becker - On Air With Brian Becker is a syndicated Top 40 show, during the show Brian talks about Top - 40 / Pop news. Listen to a demo by clicking the link above. (Added: 31-Jul-2017 Hits: 234)
  • PD Net - ProgramDirector.net - This is the first website designed BY Program Directors FOR Program Directors. It really is what it says; a network of PD's all working together to make radio better. This site is sponsored by Myrrh Records and is targeted primarily at Adult Contemporary Christian Music stations. However all formats will find universal truths, lessons, principles and tips in this site. Our goal is to learn from the best,and share what we've learned, regardless of format. (Added: 11-Aug-2000 Hits: 2869)
  • RadioSpace - Radio programming and news bite services (Added: 3-Jan-1999 Hits: 1987)
  • Station Unattended? The Most Natural Sounding Automated Weather! - Is weather a problem when your station is unattended? Try our weather solution. Real human voices - no robots! Cash or barter. We'll make your station sound better - the WeatherMonster. But call us anything you wish on the air! (Added: 16-Apr-2023 Hits: 66)
  • Studioworkx - Your one stop source for radio station audio production. We provide on air solutions in station imaging music formats (Added: 2-Jan-2003 Hits: 1360)
  • The Natural Health Show - Expert guests from the world of natural health are interviewed each week to help provide natural solutions for our quality of life issues. (Added: 2-Apr-2012 Hits: 787)
  • The Vinyl Countdown - The Vinyl Countdown is a weekly 54 minute show playing 60s,70s and 80s music from the original 7 and 12 inch records. Each show has a connecting theme and presenter, Jonathan Charles(30 years on local,national BBC radio and tv) discusses the tracks with his young son as he educates him about the music he loves. The shows are available for radio syndication. (Added: 13-May-2021 Hits: 192)

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